When it comes about the most critical kitchen equipment i.e., Cooking stoves , we take extra care about safety, reliability and quality. As we have adopted many new inventions which has also affected our kitchen. Modern Kitchens have probably replaced mud stoves with oil stoves then gas and electric stoves which is taken over by Induction Stoves now.

But have you ever wonder that how will you check the quality and safety while buying a Induction Cooktop?


Then we have important awareness information as we are very keen to consumer safety.
Bureau of Indian Standards which is a responsible body in India to frame and implement all the quality measures for different kinds of consumable products.

Considering the safety of our kitchen, BIS had made an announcement on 1st April 2020 and framed the safety Standard for the Quality Testing and Registration of Induction Stoves. All kinds of Induction Cooktop are required to be Quality Tested and BIS Certified before selling in the Indian Market.

All the manufacturers/ importers / suppliers are ought to follow BIS Regulations and make sure that induction stoves should have passed all the quality test parameters before coming into use by end customer.

Do remember the slogan, “To avoid a scene, keep your kitchen safe and clean”. Your safety begins from home.

For more information, you are requested to visit our website and can post your enquiries. Aleph INDIA is dedicated to assist manufacturers and importers in getting BIS testing and Registration for various products.
Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! 

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